NEW website in the works!

I am working on a new website!  Unfortunately, where my website was will actually be closing on May 31st, so for some time you may be directed to my blog until I can get a new website up.  When the new website will be available, you will automatically be directed through the link  All this happened out of no where and will be occuring in the middle of Artomatic 2012 *gah!* and my A&C shows.... but, I will make this work!  Thanks for your patience :).

New work and new events!

Well -  I have a ton of art I still need to post on here!  For some reason I have let my blog fall behind slightly, but that's probably because I have been creating like crazy.  I have a lot to add, but quite a few of my newer things can be found on Etsy (see link above!). 

Currently, I'm working on a painting series.  I may or may not post the first painting of the series on here just yet.  Since it is part of a theme, I will probably wait, but I have a set of sculptures I can add once I get the time to take the pictures.

As for events, my art friend Angela and I will be showing and selling our work at the JazzFest Art Sale - and my work will be on display at the Bridgewater Library from November 9th - 30th!  More info. to come....