Art for 1st Graders - Class #3 & #4

I am so excited how this two-class project came out!  Quite a few months back, my Dad gave me some Styrofoam rectangles and I've been creating projects with them ever since.  I used them for a class I taught during the wintertime, where I had the students create their very own winter scenes.  They made snowballs, snowmen, gingerbread (you name it!) out of clay, which were then painted and glued to their Styrofoam "snow" rectangles.

Since it's summer, I thought why not have them make a beach scene?  Kids love the beach and they love clay, so this was one easy project to sell.  We talked about shapes - geometric vs. organic.  I also introduced the students to Matisse and his famous Cut-Outs and how he created various shapes by cutting out bright colors of paper.  The students loved his work.  I love Matisse, too!

After showing them different types of shapes they may find at the beach, I had the students create 5 to 10 various shapes/objects out of Sculpey (oven-bake clay).  By the next class, I had baked their clay and it was time for them to paint!  I had the students first paint their styrofoam rectangles with blue and orange tempera paint (complimentary colors).  I added sand to their orange paint to give it a realistic texture and after the blue paint was dried, I had the students paint over it with glitter glue.  After this it was time for them to paint their clay.  I let them run wild with this, suggesting some colors they may want to use.

After the tempera paint had dried, we glued down the figures to their "beach" with Tacky glue.

Check out this awesome beach scene one of the students created!:

Art for 1st Graders - Class #1

On July 15th I started an art class that I call Art for 1st Graders. These soon-to-be 1st Graders are doing a fantastic job! I am so proud of them.

Here are some photos of their work from our first class, which was all about line:

Jacqueline, Age 6

I found this art project over at Deep Space Sparkle a few months back.  The first time I used this project was around Valentine's Day when I was teaching classes at an art business.  It was such a successful hit that I had to do it again!  Originally, I had the students draw a heart instead of a turtle.  For this class we drew fish to celebrate the summer months.  Enjoy!

Jason, Age 6

Connor, Age 6