Art for 1st Graders - Class #5

What do kids love more than stuffed animals?  For this project, the students created a Stuffed Animal Still Life.  I found this project on The Incredible Art Department website, so please click the link for more information.  My 6-year-old students created a simplified version of this project, but I still love how they came out!  Instead of chalk, I let the students use pencil to draw their stuffed animal and then I had them color their drawings in with oil pastels, as instructed on the website.

I used this project in another class I taught and it was very successful.  I wish I had some pictures to show!  I'll have to look to see if I can find any examples.  Anyway, here is an example from the class I taught on August 12th.  Also, it can help to show some examples of Still Life paintings by famous artists for this project, too.  I chose Caravaggio.  Enjoy!

The stuffed penguin

The still life drawing of the stuffed penguin!