Witches Brew show has been extended to 11/18 @ Catalyst in Fredericksburg, VA

I am pleased to announce that the 1-night pop-up show at Catalyst has actually morphed into more! The show will be up at Catalyst in Fredericksburg, VA until 11/18. Here is a picture from Art Mart FXBG's Instagram before the works were hung up for the show (my works are the top and middle pieces all the way to the right).

Art Mart posted this on their instagram:
artmartfxbg ‪#‎thewitchesbrew‬ ‪#‎exhibition‬ ‪#‎lastcall‬ will be November 18th come for ‪#‎cocktails‬ and ‪#‎art‬ buying!

I hope some of you can visit the show! Here is the address:
3451 Jeff Davis Hwy, Fredericksburg, VA
You can call them at (540) 376-7418 for their hours.

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