Artomatic 2012: The Process in Pictures

In order for me to share my experience of the Artomatic 2012 event, my husband and I took photos along the way to capture some important moments. So, here it is!  The process of my wall in pictures.  Enjoy :).

Where it all happened...

1) Pick a floor.

The view from outside my space!

2) Work out ideas.

3) Paint the wall and install shelving.

Shelving - Done!

4) Measure out the wall and hang my works.

5) Figure out where the sculptures go.

Two more paintings to hang!

Paintings hung!  The table is last to work on...

6) Hang up signs above the door so people will know I'm here! :)

The door to my space!

7) Complete the table set-up.

8) Voila! My Artomatic 2012 wall is complete!