New work and new events!

Well -  I have a ton of art I still need to post on here!  For some reason I have let my blog fall behind slightly, but that's probably because I have been creating like crazy.  I have a lot to add, but quite a few of my newer things can be found on Etsy (see link above!). 

Currently, I'm working on a painting series.  I may or may not post the first painting of the series on here just yet.  Since it is part of a theme, I will probably wait, but I have a set of sculptures I can add once I get the time to take the pictures.

As for events, my art friend Angela and I will be showing and selling our work at the JazzFest Art Sale - and my work will be on display at the Bridgewater Library from November 9th - 30th!  More info. to come....