J.D. Shanley (a.k.a. Jessica D. Shanley) is a creator of small polymer clay sculptures, acrylic paintings, charcoal/marker drawings and mixed media art works. 

Originally from New Jersey, J.D. studied art, interior design and art history in college. She wrote freelance articles about local artists for newspapers, interned at museums and galleries, and taught art classes to children PK - 2nd Grade.

Along the way, J.D. has continued to create and produce art, eventually delving into polymer clay, her medium of choice.  J.D. particularly enjoys creating polymer clay creatures with an unusual mix of horror/fantasy, kitsch and cuteness.

Presently, J.D. can be found selling various polymer clay creations, fine artworks and prints online through her Etsy Shop and at various art shows throughout the US.

About the artist:


I am a creator of small polymer clay sculptures, 
acrylic paintings,
charcoal & marker illustrations,
and mixed media artworks.
I also create polymer clay charms, jewelry & accessories. 
I even dabble with resin.
I am a geek chick at heart! 
You can find my works for sale on my Etsy shop,
and at the Reston Market in Reston, VA